About Dr. Kay B O'Hara

Dr Kay B. O'HaraDr. O'Hara has practiced chiropractic therapy in the Essex/Middle River, Maryland area since 1990, providing patients relief from headaches, numbness, disc problems, neck, back pain and more.

For seven years she sat on the executive board of the Maryland Chiropractic Association and has received accolades for her professionalism and experience by achieving The President's Award in 2003; Frank Roberts Memorial Award in 2004 for Recognition of Longstanding and Dedicated Service. Dr. O'Hara's commitment to quality healthcare was recognized in 2004 when she was appointed to the Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Board of Examiners by the then Governor Ehrlich.  In 2008 she was re-appointed for a second term by Governor O'Malley and elected the first woman president of the Board in 2009.

Dr. O'Hara graduated summa cum laude from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. She received awards during her internship for academic achievements and clinical competence. Over her 20+ years of practice Dr. O'Hara has continued her education in nutrition, spinal rehabilitation, dry needling and many other relevant topics to offer her patients comprehensive quality healthcare. Also, in 2009 she achieved a Master's degree in acupuncture from the Tai Sophia Institute of the Healing Arts.

616 Eastern Avenue • Baltimore, Maryland 21221 • 410.686.1117 • FAX 410.686.1751

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